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adventurers's Journal

Waiting for Gandalf: Adventurers
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A lot of people seem to share my irrational feeling that they may one day be sent on a quest to save the world, and that it's terribly important to be ready if it happens. If you're one of them, this community is for you. :)

Our aims are:

* to develop serious inner strength - a really indomitable spirit

* to face up to our fears and conquer them - this is where we get the chance to go parachute jumping or camp out in a graveyard :)

* if health allows, to get physically fit and strong and learn to fight

* to learn how to survive in the wilderness

* to learn first aid

* optionally, to learn skills like riding and archery and swordfighting, in case we find ourselves in a world where the Industrial Revolution is just a shadow in the East :)

* to get rid of any psychological baggage that would slow us down (depression, addictions, eating disorders, a tendency to panic...)

* to learn to be aware of our surroundings and to think before we act (one word: Pippin)

* to practise small acts of heroism in training for the big one

* for those who can, to meet up for group exploits

* to encourage each other

* to have as much fun as possible while we're waiting :)

This community is open to everyone. Whether you're physically able to climb mountains is totally irrelevant - physical prowess is not what makes a hero, and besides, we've got a pony :)