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Today we went snowshoeing (That's John, Dimas, Jess, Me and James)

First we drove up to RMNP (James sure does think I'm strange doesn't he? Probably cause I always have to stick my tongue out when taking pictures!)

We got to the Visitor Center to meet everyone but no one was there?! I was just calling John when Jess drove up... but oops, we were at the wrong entrance (my bad) "But you're not blond you're redheaded!" John says. Haha :)

The hike was to be one way therefore we needed to leave a vehicle at the destination parking lot at Bierstadt Lake. We left John's and drove up to Bear Lake.

Here is James getting ready to go in the parking lot

And this is our very awesome new friend John!

The snow was falling hard, it was great! Here is where we started (2 miles to Bierstadt Lake)

It was a little uphill and windy and cold the first part and we almost got lost once... but John was a great leader, he knew the area well and got us turned around before going too far off course.
The rest was a lot of fun! The wind died down and it seemed to be warmer deep into the trees.

Yay! We made it to the frozen lake! Dimas was having a lot of fun!

another group picture

and another group picture

It was another 1.6 miles to John's vehicle, so total we got in almost 4 miles.

After we got the other vehicles back from Bear Lake we drove over to Hidden Valley ("snow play area") for some sledding and snowboarding. It was a totally great time but unfortunatley our camera did not like the cold weather and so we have no pictures of this :(

Hope you all enjoy these pictures, I can't wait to do it again!
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