the fly-by-night novelist (rami_raksab) wrote in adventurers,
the fly-by-night novelist

possibly inspiring legend

Don't mistake this for preaching, but it does happen to be from the Bible.


So in the book of Judges, Israel is doing pretty lousy. There's barbarians on the rampage (the Midianites). We have our friend Gideon, who's a farm boy minding his own business, and an angel appears to him. The angel says: "G-d is with you, mighty hero of Israel."

Gideon's response: whaddaya mean G-d is with us?! The country's a mess right now and Israel is getting stomped. And why do you call me hero? Do I look like a hero to you?

The angel says: "Go, save your people."
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Awesome. Not often I feel quite so... good about a bible story.
I think I'm missing the point of the story.