Ogunshi (ogunshi) wrote in adventurers,


I joined the group to meet other like minded people, but it looks like the group is rather slow at the moment.

I guess I’ll take this time to get my introduction out of the way. Everyone calls me Ogunshi or just Ogun. The name means Spirit of Fate (it means other things as well, but I shall not go into them at this time).

I have been in the Army as Search and Rescue specialist for forested areas. I also studied several forms of martial arts, including Capoeira, a little bit of Jeet Kune Do, and Wu-Shu. I’m currently focusing my attention to (as in practicing and trying to find teachers for ) Escrima, Kenjutsu, and Naginatajutsu.

Currently I am living in the Philly area, but looking for friends where ever I can find them.
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